In other words.

ah yes, look at me, a white person

I am so white I got a rock thrown at my head because i wore a scarf since it was fucking winter when the CH attack happened, I am so white I’m often told to go back to my own country.

I am so glad to have all that white privilege goddamn, it makes me impervious to the racist graffitis “La France aux Français” that’ve been there for nearly one entire year without any attempt to be cleaned off. Near a school in a predominantly mixed & muslim neighbourhood, near a college campus where maybe thousands of foreign students attends.

Ah yes, truly, on this day I am white. Thank you OP, You have reassured me, I can safely leave my house now, without being afraid.

I can also safely affirm 100% that all of the 132 dead, and 349 harmed (of which 96-96 are in dire consition) are completely, 100% white, because when tumblr wants to play at The Discourse™ when it comes to tragedies, all respect for the most basic human decency flies out the window.

Thanks, OP, for erasing the identities of people you claim to defend. In doing so you prove your worth as a human being. Which is non-existent. At this point I am ready to argue that you are in fact, a black hole of stupidity, ever expanding whenever some tragedy pops up for you to thrive on.

You’re the salt of the earth, the mould in the basements where intelligence goes to die.

Here’s to hoping you never ever reproduce.


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