15 reasons why you should buy Pride on DVD (release date 23rd of December): 

  1. It’s based on a true, and very powerful, story
  2. it’s an absolute feel good film – you’ll physically walk taller after watching it (i know i did)
  3. You’ll cry both happy and sad tears (i was crying within about 10 minutes)
  4. You’ll also laugh your socks off 
  5. The characters are beautiful, vulnerable, brave and 100% amazing
  6. Smashes stereotypes left, right and center
  7. The outfits are amazing and pretty much the whole cast has become my fashion icon
  8. Andrew Scott being cute and Welsh
  9. Honest representation of characters with HIV
  10. It shows that ignorant people can change through education, but some can’t change
  11. Bill Nighy – ‘nuff said
  12. It’s been nominated for 7 British Independent Film Awards (it can win a maximum of 6 because 2 actors are nominated for best supporting actor)
  13. The sound track in on point
  14. It’ll make a perfect gift for any member of the family or for yourself (‘cos, you know, treat yo self)
  15. You could watch it when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you on you’re own, with your friends or with your family

This has been a public service announcement. 

Alice x


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