literally taking a bath in glitter rn

Let me tell you a little something about Star Light Star Bright.
If you even pick up this little fucker, you will have glitter on you, on your things and all around you for two weeks. Yes, from your maybe two fingertips that you used to give it a smell – it has left it’s mark.

Now if you BATHE with this thing
you will become a fairy.

You will also have glitter in your hair for all eternity whether you get it wet or not.

If you like glitter, this is the bath melt for you. There is no escape once you bathe.
Happy holidays, from us at Lush.

Since this product is a melt it is literally just cocoa butter and glitter and some other fun things so the oil WITH THE GLITTER will bond to everything it touches. You, the tub, everything. But since our glitter is made from seaweed and sugar it’s soft and biodegradable! I was coated in this glitter for two days and I was not itchy or scratchy, not once!

However, this melt was banned from my household due to the intensity of the glitter.

biodegradable glitter. there is at least one fucking god


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