H I S T O R Y  M E M ELegendary Lovers [16/?]

Charles V and Isabella of Portugal - Lovers ruling an Empire

Charles and Isabella were married on 10 March 1526 in
the Alcazár of Seville. They were said to have been very fond of each other
immediately, turning the political union into a love match. Even though the
couple was intent on spending much time together, they spent long periods
apart. In these periods, when Charles was away, Isabella stayed in Spain and took over the
position of Spain’s regent – a
position in which she excelled. The couple had five children, out of which
three survived their childhood. It was the sixth pregnancy that would cost the
life of Isabella – she died in 1539, after 13 years of marriage. Her death
affected the Emperor deeply; he chose to dress himself in black for the rest of
his life and never married again.


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