This is sad

Sad af

But of course she’s gonna bail her brother out

I can’t even comment cuz this probably goes so many ways

You a damn lie if tell me y’all won’t bail your family out no matter what they’re accused of.

You. Are. An. Awful. Person.

First of all, my MOM wouldn’t bail me out for a TRAFFIC VIOLATION, let alone RAPE. If you would bail out someone who raped because they were related to you, you seriously shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the legal system. That’s LITERALLY rape apology.

Second of all, if you bothered to read up on this, you would see just how AWFUL what you just said is. But to save you some time, I’ll let you in on the highlights. 

The ‘accusation’ was raping a fucking twelve year old over the course of 7 months. The charges were first degree rape and sexual assault.

Since I’m thorough, I checked multiple articles. The 12 year old was most likely his daughter (unclear whether or not she was biological or not) of his wife he recently married. And while this isn’t really important so much as a ‘not so fun’ fact, one of his likes on Twitter was a story about a child predator who committed suicide.

Now I am a huge fan of innocent until proven guilty, but I definitely wouldn’t bail someone out for such a serious charge, because in order to actually arrest, you have to have something to stick to them. But you aren’t even caring about that. You are trying to say, “Well blood is thicker than child molsetation, soo…”. And that’s what supremely fucked about this

“Now I am a huge fan of innocent until proven guilty, but I definitely wouldn’t bail someone out for such a serious charge”

You literally make zero sense.

I’m not for condemning someone who was baselessly accused of something, but considering that you can not be arrested on a baseless allegation (they have to have some form of evidence tying you to the crime, regardless of the crime), I am not going to bail someone out who quite possibly RAPED A KID. 

How does that not make sense to you?

Here’s the thing. I work in the medical field and you can literally say so and so raped you and they get arrested and THEN the investigation starts. Idk what crime shows you’ve watched that got you thinking it works the way you concocted in her head. You believe they’re innocent until proven guilty but only when it’s OK with you. Yep, makes perfect sense.

If you go to a hospital and say that someone raped you, you get a rape kit. If you specify the person, they are caught to test DNA and are held until it comes back, and even though cops take them in that isn’t getting arrested. I do watch crime shows, but this comes from Criminal Justice college textbooks. I spent a ton of time helping my mom with her associates.

Innocent until proven guilty applies when someone is accused yes, but again if you are arrested, while the proof might not relate specifically to you it most definitely can be reasonably distorted to make people think you are at fault. If someone was just saying on twitter or instagram that Nicki Minaj’s brother was a rapist, I wouldn’t give it any mind because innocent until proven guilty. When he gets ARRESTED for first degree rape and sexual assault, then I start to think this guy most likely did it. And even if he didn’t, bailing him out isn’t quite wise. 

If you don’t think he did it, you should let him stay in so there is less press about it and everything can go smoothly. If you do think he did it he deserves the little taste of prison life before he gets put away for life. hopefully (but those charges are actually only for 9 to 25 years each so…). When you bail him out and you think he didn’t do it, it’s garnering unnecessary attention to you, and if you think he did it, you are a rape apologist.

Out of curiosity though, how exactly do you feel about that whole Stoya/James Deen story?

I couldn’t care less about those you mentioned tbh. I leave the social justice blogging up to you. Your conversation bores me.
Have you seen any of the new makeup holiday palettes? I wanna cop them all.

I actually don’t use makeup, but you do get that this conversation is about a serious thing, right? Rape and rape apologists are serious topics that can and should concern everyone, regardless of their blog type. But I’m about to go to bed regardless, so good night to you. Hope you aren’t truly a person who would bail out a rapist if they were related to you though.


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