USD Professor Leads Silent Protest Against Anti-Muslim Rhetoric – Times of San Diego






A religious studies professor at the University of San Diego
who is concerned about growing anti-Muslim rhetoric has started a
silent protest, with students and faculty wearing yellow stars
marked “Muslim.”

Bahar Davary, associate professor of theology and religious studies,
came up with the idea during her class “Islamic Faith and Practice,” an
introduction to Islam, and her students suggested several designs.

The yellow Star of David is what the Nazis required all Jews to wear prior to the Holocaust. The crescent moon and word “Muslim” draw the connection with today’s politics.

“What it symbolizes is that there have been people who have been made
to be the ‘other’ throughout history,” said Davary, an Iranian-American
whose academic specialty at the Catholic university is Islam.

Gee, if only there were a known symbol for Islam.

I barely even have the stomach to write about this anymore, it’s just too much. I am so tired of people trying to win public sympathy over OUR DEAD BODIES, and somehow I very much doubt they take seriously any actual Jewish warnings of antisemitic rhetoric.

“The Star of David is holy to all three religions.” Uh-huh, but it’s also associated with one of them, and yellow stars are very specifically associated with something really fucking specific

The thing is, this comes with some implied assumptions, all in one compact package:

1. Jews were oppressed in the past, now they’re not, we’re the new Jews.

2. Everybody cares about oppression of Jews, but not about oppression of others.  We need to show how we’re like Jews to get any attention.

3. The Star of David is a symbol of oppression, not of Jews

This all goes with “Jews whine about the Holocaust, the Holocaust wasn’t so unique, but it’s the symbol of ultimate oppression when it’s about us”.

Also, way to ignore that Jews being forced to wear identifying yellow badges was actually a practice that originated in Muslim countries centuries before the Holocaust…

USD Professor Leads Silent Protest Against Anti-Muslim Rhetoric – Times of San Diego


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