honestly one of the worst things about having a decent sized following is the fact that you cannot vent without receiving some sort of criticism or being told that your problems don’t matter.

bottling so much shit up isn’t healthy, but unloading it on one person feels shitty and selfish, even if they tell you over and over again that it’s fine. opening up to your following on social media feels good because you know you’re no dropping a heavy amount of emotional garbage on one specific individual. it feels more open and less imposing. it’s nice to know that there are people out there reading it, silently understanding.

the problem is that, when you open up to a large enough group, youre more likely to come across people who will tear you down because they believe the act of seeking out sympathy for any reason is bad. of course, everyone wants to feel a little sympathy from others when they’re feeling down, but some people see it as weakness and would rather make it worse. they’d rather belittle the person venting for showing any weakness at all, any need for sympathy. they also do this because they know you’ll be getting a lot more sympathy than they would because you just happen to have more followers. it’s a really petty thing to do in general. you’re kicking someone when they’re not only down, but they’re admitting that they’re down and opening themselves up about it. you’re taking advantage of someone’s vulnerability, and that’s wrong.

so hey next time you see someone venting, you don’t have to show your sympathy directly to them. you don’t really have to interact at all. just don’t be that guy. don’t make it harder for others to open up because you don’t approve, or you feel like you deserve the same amount of sympathy you think they’d get.

don’t be a dick.